BeeMedia is located in the centre of Milan, Italy;
The facility is composed by two recording
and three post production studios.

We collaborate with the most famous dubber,
theatre actors, Radio and TV voice talents

Able to connect through SOURCE CONNECT, IPDTL,
SessionLinkPro, RooNect, ISDN.
Meet, Teams, Zoom, Skype.

Source connect and IPdtl service

BeeMedia source connect and ipdtl service is an independent production company specialized in radio and tv products: commercials, localization, promotions, dubbing, voice over.  The highly qualified team, up-to-date technologies and, last but not least, our passion, have helped consolidating our reliability and allowed us to become trustworthy partners of main Italian radio and TV networks.  During the years we have widened our skills, offering a wide range of audio-visual products for every need and application:

  • Source connect and ipdtl service
  • Italian voice casting
  • Commercials, promo
  • Voice Over, narratives, dubbing, localization
  • Video Sound, Industrial and audio-guides
  • Video Games
  • Web Sites


Our organization has been operating in this field for decades, we collaborate with the best mother-tongue actors and voice talents, and we make use of recording studios featuring up-to-date gears and technologies.

BeeMedia is a service conceived for those who need to adapt multimedia products to the Italian market, using the best actors’ voices, rapid execution timing and competitive prices.

Contact us:  or  +39 02 2900 5326

Service Type
Source Connect and Ipdtl
Milan Italy
Recording Studio with source connect and ipdtl service